The main things and traditions of the Harappan civilizat.ion are India's largest civilization

The main things and traditions of the Harappan civilization are India's largest civilization.

What is the Harappan Civilization:
Architecture correctly means the design of a particular object Which in the Latin language was called Tactan, In ancient times, people worked in the architecture of the walls of their houses and outside the house and some of the best designs, Painting and Architecture People used to do this in the walls of their house in stones and many places. Architecture is very important in Indian culture. The development of architecture has increased very much The architecture of the ancient Harappan Valley has been important since ancient times.

Harappan period and architecture (हड़प्पा काल और वास्तुकला)

The Harappan civilization was a very ancient and very large civilization which was built-in BC In the third century, a huge civilization developed on the banks of the Indus River (सिंधु नदी) named Harappan Civilization, Which later West India Spans a large part of It is known as Harappan Civilization and Indus Valley Civilization.

Architecture of Harappan Civilization(हड़प्पा सभ्यता की वास्तुकला)

Harappan civilization and special relics of Mohenjo-Daro city Mention makes sense which is spread over a large area, The city is very large and famous, which is based on a rectangle, The Harappan civilization was a very large civilization in which big roads in cities used to go to big cities and small roads used to connect houses and buildings.

The culture and the tradition of India in which the Harappan civilization was very famous and it was giving a great name to the culture of India. Very good houses were built here, the painting was done in houses, due to which Harappa is famous even today.

Harappan Civilization Statue (हड़प्पा सभ्यता की मूर्तिया)

The Harappan a civilization that brought India's culture and tradition to great  In Harappa, Murtiya was made more and paintings were more, This civilization is very ancient and here Different types here And many sculptures of different sizes, seal found, rectangular, square, circular and many different sculptures and seal Obtained. as well as the Many similar animals Tiger, goat, Alligator, bull, elephant, Buffalo There are many other types. And all the stamp depicts animals in which half humans and half animals were represented.

Jewelry of Harappan people: (हड़प्पा के लोगों के आभूषण)

The culture and tradition of India In which Harappa was a very large and very famous civilization where women wore very good jewelry. Both men and women wore rings and armlets made of jewelry made of precious metals and gems and many other things. the culture and tradition of India are also known as the Harappan civilization, which was very much a Famous civilization.

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